CJIS Advanced Authentication Mandate and how eAgentX2 works

The Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) provides state, local, and federal law enforcement and criminal justice agencies with access to critical, personal information such as fingerprint records, criminal histories, and sex offender registrations. In order to prevent unauthorized access to this extremely sensitive information, a security policy governing the access to the CJIS database was enacted on January 1, 2011. CJIS compliance information was set in a mandate released by the FBI. The mandate sets forth the minimum requirements for securing access to the data included within CJIS. The policy requires “Advanced Authentication”, or multi-factor authentication, to be implemented across all those that agencies that access the information contained in the CJIS database. CJIS compliance will affect many organizations and many departments. Public safety, judicial, and correctional institutions must comply or face administrative sanctions and/or criminal penalties.

How eAgentX2 works

  • Compliance with FBI CJIS security policy requirements
  • Rapid setup and user deployment
  • Ability to interface through a web SSL or VPN client
  • Integration with RADIUS, Active Directory and LDAP (or we can do a custom backend integration)
  • Several methods available for second authentication factor like SMS text, phone app, grid card and hard token.



Does My Agency Require Advanced Authentication to be Compliant with the FBI CJIS Security Policy?

Whether or not your agency requires CJIS Advanced Authentication boils down to one key question… Do you have officers who access NCIC criminal justice information from a mobile data terminal or handheld device, or are they trying to remote access from an unsecure location? If the answer is “Yes”, then those officers will require an Advanced Authentication system to be compliant.

Achieving CJIS Compliance is Easier Than You Think

DCI has developed the eAgentX2 Advanced Authentication solution specifically for law enforcement agencies to be compliant with this FBI CJIS Security Policy. We have over 100 years of combined experience with CJIS and keeping law enforcement agencies up to date with new FBI security standards, so you can rest assured knowing that our eAgentX2 solution meets the mandate. We understand what a headache it can be to keep up with all of the new security policies. Let us deal with the government mandates… you have enough to worry about.

CJIS Advanced Authentication Mandate *Effective September 30, 2013*

“Authentication” refers to the process of verifying users’ identities when requesting access to Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) systems. One-Factor Authentication is when a user logs in with only a user name and password. Two-Factor or Advanced Authentication requires an additional separate factor in order to complete the log-in process. This one time pin, or second factor is usually obtained via a phone app, text, hard token or grid card, and it changes every time the user logs in.

DCI has over 100 years of combined experience with CJIS and staying up to date with FBI security standards, and we developed a product specifically for law enforcement agencies to meet this mandate. eAgentX2 from Diverse Computing gets you compliant with the CJIS security mandate and ensures maximum security through advanced authentication. As always DCI offers live 24/7/365 support for all of our products, and our Advanced Authentication solution integrates with all of our other products, whether you are new to DCI or a returning customer check out how we continue to set the standard for security and reliability at diversecomputing.com

Makeover: DCI edition

Diverse Computing underwent a major overhaul this past year, changing the look and feel of our company from website down to the logo. Don’t worry, DCI is still providing the same great service and eAgent Products our customers know and love! Our success over the years can be attributed to our great law enforcement customers all over the nation, and we decided it was time to update our image with a look that matches our superior products. We hope you enjoy the cleaner and more stylish DCI!