When Should I Start Seeking an Advanced Authentication Vendor?

A lot of concern around agencies is which vendor to use for the CJIS Advanced Authentication mandate effective Sept. 30, 2013. Some law enforcement agencies are deciding based on referrals, others based on history and some just select the first one they see. Who is right? While there is not right or wrong answer there is better way to choose. When researching who to use as your Advanced Authentication vendor you need to ask yourself a few questions. Does this provider have experience in Law Enforcement? Does their solution fit into my current system or will everything have to change? Do they provide 24/7/365 service if a problem ever arises?

These are three important questions you should ask yourself before committing to a service provider. At DCI we have developed eAgentX2, an advanced authentication solution specifically for the use of law enforcement. We do not supply to anyone other than law enforcement and government agencies. Why is this important? With the FBI constantly changing security protocols and releasing new mandates, you want a service provider who has over 100 years combined experience in meeting these government mandates like DCI has. You also want to be certain that you remain compliant, even years down the road, and know that you are using FBI approved software.

With eAgentX2 you can also rest assured that our solution will integrate seamlessly into your existing work environment, whether you use NetMotion, Radio IP or any other network, eAgentX2 has been designed for it.  So you don’t have to worry about anything changing; and as always with eAgentX2 you will be under DCIs umbrella of 24/7/365 live support from U.S. based technicians.

Find out more about our solution eAgentX2 : http://www.diversecomputing.com/products/eagent-x2 

Or get more information from Experts on Advanced Authentication here: http://www.diversecomputing.com/advanced-authentication-fbi-cjis-security-policy#overlay-context=products/eagent-x2