How does eAgentX2 work?

A lot of people have been requesting more information about DCI’s eAgentX2 Advanced Authentication Software. I would like to start off by saying thank you to all the new customers that have been pouring in and a special thanks to all of our customers who put their lives on the line every day. eAgentX2 is the Advanced Authentication solution for law enforcement, with over 100 years combined experience with government mandates just like this one, almost nobody has the track record of eAgent.

Our user-friendly interface is simple to use and understand. Simply log in and you can add users, assign them domains, and configure their Authentication methods (policies). We offer three different methods for second factor Authentication, grid cards, SMS text, and hard token.

Here is the Users (non admins) look when accessing eAgentX2, they can add a new cellphone provider for their text authentication or download their grid cards into Microsoft word and print them out.

eAgentX2 is quickly becoming known for its incredibly agile features and packed with common sense that makes the solution simple to administer to large and small agencies nationwide. If you have any questions about eAgentX2 or would like an information packet sent to you with more details about the solution please email me at


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