Deadline for CJIS Compliance Approaching

September 30, 2013 is less than a year away. Make sure you have your Advanced Authentication solution in place before the end of the year to make sure your agency is completely compliant and not searching last minute for the vendor who meets all of your agency’s unique requirements. Do not wait until it is too late for your agency to make sure that they are on track and on budget for this looming mandate and when you do decide on a vendor we hope that it is with DCI, one of the few advanced authentication solution providers that deals solely in law enforcement technology.

The best way to ensure that you and your agency are 100 percent compliant is to contact an eAgent specialist today to find out how our Advanced Authentication solution integrates seamlessly with your existing environment and network so your job will never have to change. We implement our solution with ease and make ensure there are no IT headaches when dealing with this new mandate. Ask us about our grid card solution, quickly becoming the most popular form of Advanced Authentication for law enforcement because of their ease of use and the fact that they are self-administered bingo cards that give each member of your agency second factor compliance. If you ever lose a bingo card, you can log on to your user account and print out another set, once this is done the old set is now invalid, ensuring your agencies data safety and integrity. If you have any questions feel free t

o contact us, if you have any technical problems, as always our support line is open 24.7.365, or call the sales team for more info about eAgentX2 – The Advanced Authentication Solution for Law Enforcement.



Advanced Authentication with Multiple Access Levels of Authority

The eAgentX2 interface has three levels of administration to delegate user authority:

Admin, Domain Manager and User.

The Admin can see all the users in all of the domains attached to the eAgentX2 server. The admin is able to add/remove policies, domains and users. The domain manager has the authority over all users in his or her domain. For example: the NetMotion domain manager governs only the users in the NetMotion domain. Lastly Users, the user is only able to add their mobile device to the system and download their grid cards for printing. This overview of authority ensures that nobody without proper authority can do anything in the system without the right credentials.